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Map of Shipwrecks Around the UK

A huge amount of what has made Britain a truly great nation both presently and in years gone by is down to a rich and formidable maritime heritage. Our greatest explorers have discovered unknown lands, cultures and people, by carrying out intrepid journeys across the high seas.


From the Naval great, Captain James Cook, to the infamous Edward Teach, many of the names most commonly associated with important maritime history are from our shores – but these shores also hold the secrets to many an ill-fated campaign.


The coast around Cornwall and Devon is strewn with wrecks, and this inspired us to take a closer look at some of the most fascinating stories from hundreds of years of seafaring which are now preserved as underwater museums around the country.


Our ‘Map of Shipwrecks Around the UK’ looks at 15 of the most interesting and significant shipwrecks in Britain, and if you’re a keen diver we also highlight which ones you can go and see for yourself!map-of-shipwrecks2-003


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